FusionVirtual is working towards the development of 21st Century educational programs which can be delivered through virtual environments. The minimum requirements for these programs are that they be truly interdisciplinary, interactive and self-directed while utilizing state of the art online virtual environments in ways which have not previously been attempted.

We are currently identifying educational programs that meet the highest academic standards while preparing students to make a contribution to society.

We recognize that today's students relate to technology and the world as a whole in a way which is fundamentally different from previous generations. These differences must be acknowledged, understood, and taken in consideration as we chart the future of online education.

FusionVirtual believes that the advances in technology, facilitated by the online gaming community, have provided the fundamental tools necessary to advance our goals. As the identification and exploration phase of our development process is perfected we are seeking individuals and companies who share our vision and directive.

FusionVirtual is an inclusive company. For more information on this project please contact our CEO Alex Berger.


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